A Different Dream For My Child by Jolene Philo

September 12, 2009 Jolene Philo 2

A Different Dream For My Child
Author: Jolene Philo

Paperback, 204 pages
Discovery House Publishers
September 01, 2009

For years, Jolene Philo’s son was hospitalized many times as he battled a life-threatening birth defect. Far from home, without friends and family to support them, Jolene and her husband felt utterly and completely alone. Today, support networks for parents of critically or chronically ill children have improved, but most only provide for urgent physical needs. The devotional meditations in this book address the spiritual needs of these parents as the author shares her own life lessons, as well as those of other parents who have walked this road. “No matter how difficult the road,” Philo writes, “you do not have to lose hope.”

As a mother of a child with disabilities, I always look for books that help new parents deal with these kinds of situations. Even though my child is 12 years old now, I still have my days of incredible sadness of why God would do this to not only my child but to her parents as well. When you are pregnant, you have your dreams of the perfect child. Sometimes it does not happen that way. In this book, the writer shares stories of not only her way of dealing with a disabled child, but other people’s stories as well. It provides little devotionals that help you through the pain and sadness and make you realize that God has a reason for giving you this situation. A child is still a blessing, no matter what the difficulty and this books reminds you of this.


Very Good! You have to read this book!

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  1. Jolene Philo

    Dear Amy,

    Thanks for the review. Reaching special needs parents with hope and encouragement is my passion. Thanks for helping get the word out about “A Different Dream for My Child” and my website, http://www.differentdream.com.

    I hope your child is doing well and that you are all finding a different joy in a different dream.


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