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I didn’t write this, but heard it from a friend and thought you all might enjoy it too:

A writer died and was given the choice of going to heaven or hell.

The writer thought she’d check out each place before making her decision. So with an angelic escort she descended the brimstone steps to the fiery pits and here she entered a grimy sweatshop and saw rows and rows of writers chained to their desks. As the writers worked on their manuscripts they were repeatedly whipped with cats-o-nine tails.

“Oh gosh golly,” the writer told the angel, “I’d better go check out heaven now!”

So they walked back up the brimstone steps and now proceeded up the golden steps that led to Heaven. Here the writer entered another sweatshop, and here again were rows of writers chained to their desks. Just like in Hell, the writers were whipped with cats-o-nine tails as they struggled over every precious word and vital scene in their stories.

The writer was confused. “But this is just as awful as hell!”

“Certainly not!” protested the angel. “Here, your work actually gets published!”

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