(ARC Review) It Happened One Bite by Lydia Dare

February 28, 2011 4 flames 0

Author: Lydia Dare
Source: Publisher
*I received this book free of charge in 
exchange for an honest review*

Mass Market Paperback: 416 pages
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca (March 1, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1402245076
ISBN-13: 978-1402245077


Blaire Lindsay’s been warned that her ancestral home is haunted. But it will take more than tales of a ghost to frighten Blaire, a battle-born witch with supernatural strength and the ability to make sparks fly from her fingertips. Hearing spectral wails, she decides to search for their source, and is surprised to find a handsome young man chained to the dungeon wall. But when Blair frees James from his bonds, she quickly discovers she’s unloosed far more than she could ever have imagined…Soon the castle is overrun with vampires whose perfect manners and compelling blood lust make for some very awkward moments, and Blair and James are joined in the fight of their lives to save everything they hold dear from the forces of evil…


After gushing about the previous books by this author, I was already hooked with Lycans.  Now the author ventured into the vampire realm and gave me even more story to gush about!  Seriously, this author can write about anything and I will not only buy the book, but devour it as soon as bring it home.  I received this book for review, but I already plan on purchasing a final copy to add to my keeper shelf.

The independent heroine is Blaire Lindsay.  She is strong and not one to mess with.  I loved Blaire.  She is not the typical heroine you find in a historical romance who is weak and shy.  This girl has spunk and is not afraid to use it!  When she discovers James Maitland trapped in the castle that she is visiting, she finds herself attracted to the bad boy.  

With suspense and romance wrapped up into a sexy novel focused in the historical genre, this book did not disappoint.  I loved the characters, the plot and the change in direction that the author brought to us! There were a few parts that felt a little rushed at times, but I was willing to overlook that because I still feel this author does a wonderful job writing. That is the only reason I didn’t give this book a five star rating.

If you are fan of Lydia Dare and her previous books, I feel that you will easily enjoy the world she created with vampires.  One to add to your shelves if you are already hooked on this author’s writing!


Very Good! I would recommend this book! 4 STARS

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