Author Signing with T.K. Richardson!!

August 22, 2010 Uncategorized 3

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the fabulous author, T.K. Richardson!  I had so much fun meeting her! We talked about a lot of things but mainly books and book blogging!  After the signing, we went to Starbucks and had tea.  My husband and I had such a wonderful time chatting with her and getting to know her.  And just so you know TK, I was just as nervous as you! It is always so thrilling and exciting to meet amazing authors who are behind the wonderfully written books we read!  Be sure to tell that wonderful teen to stop by here sometime as well!

So here is the photo I took with the author:

She has to be one of the sweetest authors ever!!!  She even presented me with a bag full of swag!! THANK YOU!!

I also picked up a copy of her book, Return the Heart to giveaway tomorrow here on the blog! Yes, it is even signed!! So be sure to check back tomorrow for the contest!  She has already posted more pictures from the signing on her blog, so be sure to check it out!

Authors Site: T.K. Richardson
Authors Blog: My Writing Masquerade

(ps…I know you are jealous Alex!)

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  1. TK Richardson

    Hi Amy! We had so much fun meeting you and your hubby! And I will tell my daughter to drop by your site. (I think she’d be a great blogger, too.) I can’t wait to meet you again. 🙂

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