BODY PARTS by Janet Cameron Hoult

June 14, 2010 2 flames 0

A Collection of Poems About Aging
Author: Janet Cameron Hoult
* I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review*
  • Paperback: 60 pages
  • Publisher: Outskirts Press (April 23, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1432755986
  • ISBN-13: 978-1432755980
When you lose your hair and your hearing and your vision, it’s hard to find any humor in these all too human conditions. These poems were written from experience and, believe me, if you can laugh about aging body parts, you can handle the other problems life hands you. So read, enjoy and laugh! 
As we all age, I think we all struggle with finding the humor in it. I was excited to be offered this book for review because it deals with just that.  Plus it is nothing  but poetry, which is a secret favorite of mine.
While the summary of the book sounded great, the poetry on the other hand, left me disappointed.  The poems felt sloppy and just like they were put together in a rush.  It didn’t feel like there was any work put into them. Even though some of the poems were funny and gave me a little chuckle, I just couldn’t enjoy the poetry like I should.  Not a bad book of poetry, but not a great job either. 

  If the library doesn’t have it, don’t worry about reading it!


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