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Today, I wanted to share with you my home for all my pretty little babies! Yes, I call my books babies. Remember awhile back, I won a bookshelf from CSN Office Furniture?? Well, it didn’t stay empty for long!!! I think they need to contact me again so I can tryout another one! (hint,hint!) LOL….Anyway, here is how it looks now!

HeeHee…look at those sagging shelves! Did I mention I think I need another one?
On the very top to the the left is my signed books and ARCs. The rest on the top are books for review, upcoming reviews that are read but not posted yet, and blog tour books.
The rest are all books I have read or intend to read. That is only HALF of my TBR pile stuffed in there. Of course alot of them I have read, but they are all mixed together at the moment.

Next week I will show you my other bookshelf. Yes, I do have another one!

Why don’t you share with me and everyone else where all your ‘babies’ live? Are yours organized a certain way? Are your TBR books mixed with all the finished books? I want to see how everyone else stores them!

Post and add your link below so we all can take a look!

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  1. Anna

    This is fun to do. I took pictures last year of my shelves. I’ll take new pictures this weekend and then post them. My book shelves has changed alot since the last time I took pictures. LOL!

  2. SariJ

    I did a blog on my thoughts about the loss of bookshelves due to e-readers. I posted this on Mr. Linky.
    I love my books. My bookshelves are divided as they would be in a library, plus my TBR shelf is in my room. The books move to my office or living room as I read them.

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