Choose the Blog Design!

August 15, 2011 Uncategorized 0

Hello readers!
After some discussion with a few readers of the blog, I decided to start a poll.  Some readers have mentioned that the blog looks to cluttered and dark.  Others love it the way it is.  So I am going to run a poll and see which option comes out ahead!
There are two options!  You can only pick one.  
We have the original design which is currently what you are looking at when you click on my blog.  I LOVE my header and I will not be changing that or my button.  A friend of mine worked really hard on it, and I am satisfied with it.
This one has a cleaner look to it and has extra width in the post area.  I like this option because of the fact that most cover reveals have been limited to small images.  A lot of people want larger images when discovering new covers, and I am one of them.  It also has the three columns, but they are set up differently than the original.  While I will lose my custom footer and dividers, I will still have the same header and button.
Here are some screen shots of what it would kind of look like without my widgets added.

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