COVER REVEAL and Wonderful Surprise!

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Okay, I have been sitting on this information for at least a week and I am about to burst!  Secrets are so hard to keep when they are this good!  Author M. Leighton has a new book being released soon called The Reckoning.  It is the second book in her Fahllen series. 

Here is the cover reveal and summary 
for The Reckoning:

The Reckoning
The Fahllen #2
Author: M. Leighton
Release Date: October 31rst, 2011
Shadows flexed all around me as I made my way down the deserted street.  Long, black fingers stretched into the light—reaching for me, straining toward me—only to shrink quickly away, receding into the ocean of darkness.  They could no longer touch me, no longer get close to me.  They just didn’t know why.

Instinctively, I knew they wanted to hurt me, to envelope and smother me.  They wanted to curl their dark digits around my throat like a collar of death and squeeze until there was no life left in my body.  But they couldn’t.  My light, though not visible to the human eye, was too bright.  The shadows could not hold their form against it, against me.   They could not abide the white, shining soul of Heaven’s reaper.

Want to know the other amazing secret involving this book?
Guess who made that cover?
Yes, that is my hard work on that cover there!  It started out as a fan art until the awesome M. Leighton loved it so much she had to use it for the cover design!  I am seriously on cloud nine right now and this is beyond anything I could have imagined! 
I want to thank the author for using my fan art as the cover with all my heart.  I wish I could put into words what this means to me, but I just can’t get the words to come out right. Seriously, thank you so much!

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