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I just love CSN stores. I was notified that I am now a Preferred Blogger for their company.  I was so excited to be given that official title with their company!  Now, I have received bookshelves through them before, but I am not sure if I really have room for another one. So I tried to think about other things I could use for my home library to make it more cozy.  I surprised to see that they also offer bean bag chairs, sofas and recliners and even little end tables! Then I thought that even though those items would be great, I still don’t have room for any of it. Then it dawned on me! The perfect item to add to my library for those late nights when I HAVE to finish that book before going to bed! What I needed was a coffee maker! That would be perfect and take up little space in my cluttered library! If I start to doze while reading, I could just reach over and get myself another cup of coffee! 

What would you add to your library?

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  1. Kel

    Congrats. Just swinging by to wish you a great weekend and I wanted to invite you to join us tomorrow for our first Spotlight Saturday Blog Hop. I have a preview up right now if you want to check and see what it is all about. Hope to see you there!


  2. VABookworm87

    Very cool! I’m not a caffeine responder, so a coffee maker wouldn’t do me any good. Personally, I really want their DVD shelf that looks like a red phone booth :o)

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