Death Sentence : Escape From Furnace #3 by Alexander Gordon Smith

October 14, 2011 5 flames 0

Escape From Furnace #3
Author: Alexander Gordon Smith
Source: Publisher
*I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review*

Reading level: Young Adult
Hardcover: 272 pages
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR); 1 edition (August 2, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0374324948
ISBN-13: 978-0374324940


Alex’s second attempt to break out of Furnace Penitentiary has failed. This time his punishment will be much worse than before. Because in the hidden, bloodstained laboratories beneath the prison, he will be made into a monster. As the warden pumps something evil into his veins–a sinisterly dark nectar–Alex becomes what he most fears . . . a superhuman minion of Furnace. How can he escape when the darkness is inside him? How can he lead the way to freedom if he is lost to himself? 


Just when I thought Alex had no hope or strength left inside of him, the author renewed my hope in this story.  When we last saw Alex he was burning in the incinerator.  He had been pulled from the flames by the Black Suits and taken to the lab — a lab that holds even more evil than we have seen so far.  The Warden has decided to make Alex into one of them.  The Alex of old will be nothing but a memory and a new but stronger Alex will emerge. 

I finally understood the meaning of remembering your name when captured by the Black Suits.  It actually does make sense once you get to book three.  What Alex is turned into is a stronger and darker side of his true self.  We also learn about how Alfred Furnace invented the Nectar and his reasoning in creating Furnace Penitentiary.  Involving WWII and Nazi history within the horrors of Furnace Hell, plots are revealed and surprises are around every corner.  I loved the return of previous characters and the mental strength that Alex realizes he has had.  Has Furnace created their perfect monster, or have they created their own terror they can’t control?

An amazing addition to the series that is quickly gaining attention from readers everywhere!  I can’t wait for the next book in the series that features Alex as a fugitive on the run from Alfred Furnace!


Outstanding Book That Will Stay On My Bookshelf
For Rereading! 5 STARS

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