Discussion Post: To blog or not to blog?

March 21, 2012 Uncategorized 0

To blog or not to blog? 

That seems to be the question of late, and also one that has been eating away at my thoughts.  When I started this blog a few years ago,  I was worried about many things.  One of the main worries and questions I had was how much should I blog?  Should it be daily? A few times a day? A few times a week?

As my blog has grown and many of you have stuck with me throughout the few years I have been blogging, you may have noticed that my blogging has slowed down.  When I first started, my goal was to post reviews a few times a day.  It was not unusual to see that I posted 2 to 3 reviews a day since I read so many books.  I can usually finish two books a day with no problems.  Plus, I always try to stay ahead of the game by reading as much as I can over the weekend so I have a bunch of books to post about during the week.

While I still have a stack of books waiting to review on my desk,  I have slowed down in the posting process and become more sporadic in posting them.  Sometimes I will post one to three reviews a day, and other times I will not post anything for a day or two.

I finally realized that I don’t want posting to be a chore.  I want to post when I can without worry.  I have lost a few blog followers for changing up my posting schedule, but I have accepted that this is my hobby and not a job.  I want to enjoy reading, friendships made through blogging, and have time for my family as well.  I know it is a given that I will lose even more followers for this, but I also made a choice in not caring about those numbers in the followers gadget.  I love hearing from each and everyone of you, but if you feel the need to unsubscribe from my blog just because I don’t post every single time — several times a day — then I don’t know what to say or do to stay.  I am hoping that my reviews that do post are enough of a reason to follow my blog, just as it is for other reviewers, but sometimes people have different tastes and change up who they follow daily.

I am in the process of trying to figure out a balanced medium and it is something I struggle with everyday.  Do I want to post like I did before? Yes.  But I also want to be able to venture out more into the realm of other bloggers and spend time chatting to you about books.  I also don’t want to reach the point of ‘blogging burn out’ that others seem to reach.

So for today’s discussion tell me how you feel about blogging? Do you see yourself as a daily blogger or as you feel like it? Do you worry about losing everything you have worked for while slowing the pace down?  What do you think would be an acceptable number of posts per day to keep you interested in reading a blog?

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