DISCUSSION POST: What book(s) were the catalyst for your book obsession?

December 21, 2010 Uncategorized 0

After many inquiries through email from other bloggers and readers, I decided to start a discussion post about a book or series of books that influenced your reading obsession.  For me, it is very easy to narrow this down. Let me give you a little background history first.

After high school, I was done with anything that involved opening a book.  Like any teen who leaves the world of school behind, I was happy to never have to read a “required reading” anytime soon.  You see, I didn’t go to college after high school — at least not right away.  I wanted to focus on family and love first.  I had children at a young age and married young as well.  The only thing I read was books to my children and magazines that I had picked up at the store.  I was determined not to step foot in a library as well.

As my children grew, and my oldest daughter became a teen, I noticed that she loved to read.  I never discouraged reading to my children.  If they wanted a book to read, I bought it for them.  Just because I had lost interest in reading didn’t mean I was going to keep it from children.  When my oldest daughter came to me asking for the Twilight series, I purchased it for her.  She was constantly telling me that I just had to read them! I was getting recaps of this story each night from her.  I kept putting her off and didn’t read them as they came out.  Finally I caved and read them but not until Breaking Dawn was already on the shelves at stores.

I started Twilight after the kids went to school one morning, and needless to say I forgot to pick my children up from school that day.  I was in awe of the story and couldn’t put it down.  I couldn’t believe reading a book could be so enjoyable!  I quickly finished the whole series within a matter of 2 days.  Afterward, I needed more books to devour.  The Twilight Series corrupted me.

I now own more than 2000 books with an entire room in my house filled with 8 bookcases! Each one has rows of books stacked twice on it and I still need more! When I am asked what  I want for a gift, I always say either books or gift cards to buy more books!

“Hello, my name is Amy.  I am addicted to books.  No I do not plan to get help.”

My questions for you is this— What book or series of books started your obsession of reading? Have you always enjoyed reading or did it take a certain authors work to spark it again?

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