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March 16, 2013 Special Needs Romance 0

Lately all the romance books I have been reading have had strong and sexy alpha males that lead dangerous lives.  While I find this to be exciting and definitely a popular trend, every once in awhile I like a down home sweet romance.  The ones with some humor on the side with a small town feel to it.  When an author brings in a character with a disability, it makes it an even better read for me usually. The characters seem to capture my interest and my heart before I even get halfway through the book.

I have found though that it can be a little difficult in finding these types of books. I did stumble across a post at Dear Author that helped me in finding a few. It seems that authors are either hesitant on writing their characters with a disability or they just aren’t as popular as they should be.

I have reviewed two though that I can recommend if you are looking for a few reads with sexy and special as well. If anyone has any suggestions for me in this area of reading, please let me know in the comments. I would love to find more to add to my pile!

HEALING LUKE by Beth Cornelison

She Can’t Escape Her Past…

Occupational therapist Abby Stanford is on vacation alone, haunted by sharp memories of her fiances betrayal, her self-confidence shattered. Romance is the last thing on Abby’s mind – until she meets the brooding and enigmatic Luke…

He Won’t Face His Future…

Scarred by a horrific accident, former heartthrob Luke Morgan is certain his best days are behind him. Spunky and attractive, Abby knows how to help him recover, but Luke is sure his powerful attraction to her will only serve as a harsh reminder to him of the man he used to be.

Abby is Luke’s first glimmer of hope since the accident, but can she heal his heart before Luke breaks hers?

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THE WRITE MAN FOR HER by Christie Walker Bos

Work, work, work. That’s how Jessica Anne Singer has dealt with the loneliness since her divorce. Except for her squawky cockatiel, Merlin, Jessica hasn’t had a date in years, but all that’s about to end. Jessica’s best friend, Cath, has decided that Jessica needs to meet her dreamy online professor, Brant Wilson. 

Creative writing professor Brant Wilson is intrigued by one of his online students, Jessica Singer. She seems more worldly than most of his students and has a penchant for arguing with him over just about everything, which he finds oddly enjoyable. But when she asks to meet with him in person to discuss her grades he immediately refuses. He never meets with his students face-to-face. Never. Undeterred, Cath hatches a harebrained plan to find the reclusive professor. When the plan actually works, Jessica uncovers the real reason the professor doesn’t meet with his students.

Stunned by her discovery, Jessica must decide if she’ll listen to her head or her heart when it comes to determining if Professor Brant Wilson is the right man for her.

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