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Author:  Susan May Warren
*I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review*
  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (January 11, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1414313136
  • ISBN-13: 978-1414313139

With one solved case under her belt, PJ Sugar is ready to dive into her career as a private investigator. Or at least a PI’s assistant until she can prove herself to Jeremy Kane, her new boss. Suddenly PJ’s seeing crime everywhere. But is it just in her head, or can she trust her instincts? When she takes on her first official case—house-sitting for a witness in protective custody—Jeremy assures her there’s no danger involved. But it soon becomes clear that there is someone after the witness . . . and now they’re after PJ, too.

This is the second book in a series and I really recommend you read the first book before reading this one.  I had a hard time trying to figure things out, even though near the end of the book, it explains it all.  It could possibly be read alone, but not without some confusion at first.

Once you get into the book though, the characters humor and the way she is always causing trouble for herself will keep you hooked.  PJ is in training to be a private investigator, but she seems to make more work and trouble for herself than learning! It is comical to see what happens to her and what she will do next.  The character is likeable and she draws you into her world just to find out what is coming next.  Some of the stuff is so out there, but you can’t help but laugh at her. 

Not only does the book have great mystery, but the author throws in a love triangle that leaves you rooting for all the people involved. It makes it hard for you to decide which one you want to prevail. 

A great book for all.  The humor, witty writing and chick lit feel was enough to keep me interested for the whole book. 


Very Good! Worth Spending Your Money on!

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