Fans of Author Cora Carmack!!

May 10, 2013 Uncategorized 0

I have the most exciting news for fans of New Adult sensation Cora Carmack that I hope you’ll help me share! You might have seen on Cora’s Facebook page or Twitter that she has rewritten pivotal scenes from her instant New York Times bestseller LOSING IT from Garrick’s point of view. She plans to release four different scenes once her pre-orders hit certain number thresholds. These scenes include:
·         The One Where They Meet
·         The One Where They Meet…Again
·         The One Where He Changes His Mind
·         The One Where Bliss Gets Her Way
This is where you come in! I’ve included in this  blog post so it will show a thermometer indicating where we’re at with the preorders and what scene will be released next! Once each new threshold is reached, the thermometer will automatically update.

Go forth and preorder Faking It on AMAZON!
While you are there, Grab the first copy of Losing It as well on Amazon !

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