Favorite Quote of the Day #2

August 10, 2016 Favorite quote of the day 0


Favorite Quote of the Day is where I post a quote from a book that made it to my favorites list. Sometimes it may even be more than one a day or it can be a weeks worth in one post.

Today’s quote is one that I liked in the book

The Substitute (the Wedding Pact #1)
by: Denise Grover Swank


He splashed his face over and over in a desperate attempt to wash away the sight of Megan’s grandmother’s full womanhood staring him in the face.
He groaned and washed faster.
“Josh?” Megan asked, standing in the doorway, her voice husky with sleep.
He continued to douse his face.
“I just saw the most horrifying thing I can even imagine.”
She stiffened. “What?”
“Your grandmother. In a downward dog yoga position. In the nude.”
Megan chuckled.
“Oh, dear. Mom had mentioned that Gram was going through a nudist phase, but I didn’t know she’d combined it with yoga.”


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