From zero to addicted in 4 books!

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I know I have a bunch of reviews I need to get posted, but I wanted to discuss something first.  I was at the dentist today and the assistant to the dentist noticed me reading an ARC copy of Forgive My Fins.  She asked if it was good and I found myself rambling on and on about it and she told me she hasn’t even read a book in years. GASP! The horror! How can someone not read a book in years? If I don’t have a book to read within minutes of finishing another, I get withdrawls. I am talking about hands fidgeting, headaches, heartbreak, nose itching because it can’t smell the printed pages and sweats. Thus, I started to think about when and how my obsession with books began.

I admit that when I graduated high school (we won’t mention years here, haha), I was finished with reading books and just picked up the occasional magazines to read.  I was so tired of books in general, I didn’t even go back to my local library.  Then my oldest daughter starts talking to me about these vampire books that she has been dying to read and I was intrigued. She finished the first book in one night. ONE NIGHT!  Now, you need to know that if it isn’t a manga book, my daughter takes weeks usually to read one book.  I knew if it captured my daughters interest, maybe it would spark mine again. We all are familiar with the books she was talking about.

Yes, the Twilight series.  Now some people can’t stand the series, but I own each one of them and I am thankful to have read them.  The Twilight series was devoured in 2 days max after I bought them.  I could not put them down.  This began my road of addiction to reading again.  I gobbled up all the vampire books I could find. I was hooked on Lynsay Sands and Amanda Ashley so quick my head was spinning. Then I discovered eroticas and romance books.  I fell quick and hard far even more authors.  Then imagine my shock when I stumbled over Anna’s Book Blog and realized there was a whole world of book addicts and bloggers!  I started up my review blog and quickly started adding pages of my opinions on books.  Slowly my blog grew and I cannot believe how many other addicted book readers there are in the world.

I have met other readers who race to the book stores on release day and stand in line for hours just to meet a great author in person.  I noticed I am not the only person with so many books they are stuffed in every corner of the house.  You know what I am talking about–books in the bathroom, on the kitchen counters and yes I even have them in the laundry room.

So I say to all the addicted readers out there–stand tall and proud! You are not alone. I am an addicted book reader and hoarder.  I shall not be changed and I shall not be buried without a book in my hand!

My question is simple.  What book got you hooked on reading? Is there a certain author that stands out to you in your road to addiction?  Are you proud to be called a Book Addict?

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  1. My 5 Monkeys(Julie)

    always been a book reader, but Twilight brought back to reading young adult novels. I’ve been impressed with the books and been sharing my book love for some time.

  2. Melissa

    i am very proud to be called a book addict!
    the twilight series also brought me back to reading!
    i started reading them cuz i just had to see if these books as everybody made them out to be…and they were!
    but after those i started reading all of nicholas sparks’, he’s my favorite 🙂

  3. jacabur1

    What hooked me on reading was my Dad and Mom reading to me as a child. The first book that really caught my passion was a Western Paperback I am sure because when small that was all there was in the house to read. I loved, loved, loved my Louis Lamour books. As a preteen and teen got hooked on the youth magazines and Barbara Cartland Romance books from my older cousin. About 14 or so got hooked on paranormal, horror and sci-fi books. In my 20’s graduated to Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance,and UF genres before they were called that. I also loved Mystery Thrillers and my favorite was any kind of time travel stories. I found Madeline Hunter and Nora Roberts and some others back then and have read books like theirs ever since.
    Now am close to 50 and even starting to read some of the YA books!
    Reading is yes an obsession, addiction and all around lifelong hobby that I am very proud to share with all the bloggers who love to read as much as myself…

    jackie b central texas

  4. Leilani @Leilani Loves Books

    I am very proud!! I dont care if people think im a bookaholic, I am!
    I dont no what I would do with myself if I didnt have books.
    I actually started reading Twilight a few years ago and thats what started me going book crazy. Now my friend who showed me this books regrets showing them to me because we dont spend time together anymore, all well. I wouldnt change it!

  5. Kris

    Well to be honest with you I slcked off on reading after high school but….my neighbor told me that I MUST read Twilight! She is NOT a big time reader so I like you I figured they were good…and so the addiction started up LOL!

    I have to laugh because Lynsay Sands was one of the others I started to read after. Anna’s blog was one of the first I started following to.

    I’m tellin’ ya girl….we could probably be BFF’s in real-life. 🙂

  6. Linda

    I’ve been a book addict since I was a child. I read a lot more magazines when I was in college or to supplement my reading. I devoured the Twilight series and if I really like a book I’ll finish in a day or two (gotta work sometime!). I have stuffed full bookshelves at home and a book in my bag at all times. I’m a proud book addict and I admit to looking at non-readers strangly!

  7. cynthial11

    Great post! I love reading but after reading Twilight I became addicted to YA before that I was reading just Harry Potter or adult romance novels. =)

  8. Bookaholic

    Wow, this post is so familiar to what I wrote on my “about me” page. It’s amazing to see how a book can do so much. 🙂
    I also go through the withdrawals like u mentioned lol. Isn’t it crazy?? I start obsessing about what I will read next before I finish a book.

    I am now a total bookaholic (obviously, from my name lol)…Twilight got me started and now I have read about 150 books in 2 years. A few other books come to mind and I actually blogged about my favorites on my site.

    But another book I read, and re-read was “Going too Far” by Jennifer Echols. It was amazing!!! I am a huge fan of hers. For a long time I thought I was probably one of the only adults who loved YA books. Now I know I’m not alone at all 🙂


  9. a girl you once knew

    I’ve been reading since I was young. My addiction has grown worse since, same with my writing. I know exactly what you mean about withdrawal- it happens to me too!

    And then there are the books (*cough*The Hunger Games*cough*) that I have withdrawal when I put it down to eat supper or go to the mall. I love those books the most, though the symptoms I have to deal with are less-than-pleasant (to the point that I’ll be shaking and have this knotted feeling in my stomach. Crazy, I tell you!)

  10. FionaChan

    I discovered my love for novels when I bought and read a book (I didn’t buy in order, I bought the thinnest lol, to test) from Harry Potter. I finished really fast and wanted more. But my dad wouldnt buy more. -__- He thinks I read too fast. It’s the same now.. Except that I always cheat and make him buy more for me muahaha. He wants me to borrow books now. 🙁 Noo.. I love re-reading books when I have no books to read

  11. Julie P

    I am proud to be a book addict, but I honestly don’t remember what got me started. I have always loved to read, but since my boys are older now and I have more free time, I have been reading a lot more!

  12. VABookworm87

    I’m a lifelong book addict. I have no idea which specific book started it, but I really hit a new pace when I was in the 6th grade and started reading RL Stine’s Ghosts of Fear Street books… I pounded through a book per day and in only about 3 months time slaughtered the kid who had been working on the #1 spot in the accelerated reader program the entire school year. I can’t always hold to one or two days for a book, but I’ve been a very fast reader ever since.

  13. Chas @ LLL in the 808

    I am standing proud right along side of you.

    I have a similar story. I grew up reading a lot. I read almost every YA book at the time when I was a YA and even younger.

    But then life became busy as I was gearing up for college then starting a family young. It was not until I read Twilight (after ample recommends to do so) that I remember HOW MUCH I LOVE TO READ. Is it possible to forget that I was an avid reader? I guess so bc that’s what happened. Twilight is the reason I have rekindled my love of reading.

  14. JenM

    I’ve always been a book addict. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t reading. However, in the last 10 years or so, I had kind of slacked off. The books I read just didn’t grab me. Then a friend started watching the True Blood and wanted to read the Southern Vampire/Sookie Stackhouse books. I used to read a lot of SciFi and vampire books so it sounded intriguing and I decided to read it with her. That was it, I was promptly hooked, and now I can’t get enough. I’m back to my excitement about books and it feels good – like I’ve gotten back together with an old friend.

  15. Lisa R

    Once I discovered Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys, I was hooked for life. There have times that I didn’t read as much (by much I mean only a couple of books a month)when my kids were small. Then I only read a couple of chapters at lunch at work and maybe only a few pages at night. I’ve always used reading as a relation after a long day, even if I was reading an edge of your seat thriller, murder mystery. Going years and not picking up a book, hell I’d sooner go without sex, err food maybe. Unfathomable!

  16. Mina Burrows

    I’m a book slut too! God help me. Nope, it’s probably too late for his help.
    Love this post and can totally relate!
    Mina B.

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