GINGER HIGH by Melissa Burmester

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GINGER HIGH Author: Melissa Burmester
* I received this book from Paper Back Swap*

  • Paperback: 229 pages
  • Publisher: Infinity Publishing (May 15, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0741453630
  • ISBN-13: 978-0741453631

Ginger High is no ordinary school. It is a school for students with special powers. Many years ago people came to Earth from the Kingdom of Animist, a parallel universe. Two long time friends, Matthias and Amanta, attended the school and then returned home to Animist. The school has had many unexplained deaths. Daisy Fisher attends the school after her old school burns down. Matthias and Amanta are called back to the school to help solve the mysteries. What are powers? And what is with this crazy school? Welcome to Ginger High.

As I read this book I had to keep reminding myself of 2 things-1.This is the authors first book and 2. The author is only 14 years old. With that being said, this was on okay book for teens, but you could also tell that this was a first book and by a young adult. There were too many characters to get a real feel for any of them. The story skipped around with holes throughout the plot. But again this was a 14 year olds first book. At that age she has plenty of time to fix her writing and create a masterpiece. Kudos to the author for already having a book published at that age!!


A Decent Read.
Has Some Drawbacks Though.

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