GUEST POST–Author Rachel Hawkins–Author of HEX HALL

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To go along with the giveaway today, author of Hex Hall, Rachel Hawkins decided to write up a guest post for everyone! Let’s all welcome Rachel Hawkins!

One of the first things people say when they find out I’m a writer is, “Sweet! You get to work at home!” I never have the heart to tell them that I actually can’t write at home. I mean, I do sometimes, but it’s definitely not my favorite spot to write? Why?  Well, my house is very…distracting. There’s the TV, obviously, and all my tottering TBR pile, and the internet, and sometimes, when the writing is going really badly, laundry. (This is how I always know I need to take a break. When the prospect of washing clothes feels more fun than writing? Yeah. Time to step away from the keyboard.) So I’m one of those obnoxious people, hammering away on their laptop at a coffeeshop. In fact, I’m writing this from a Starbucks RIGHT NOW. Obnoxiously. 

But I can’t write at just any coffee shop. So I’d like to present The Top Ten Things A Coffee Shop Has To Have For Rachel To Want To Write There, AKA The Most Specific Top Ten Ever. 😉

1) No free internet. Please don’t tell me I can just turn the internet off. You clearly don’t know the depth of my addiction.

2) A variety of coffee AND hot tea. Sometimes I need to write in a caffeine fueled haze. Other times I was to be contemplative and sip chamomile.

3) Baked goods to reward myself with if I actually complete my writing for the day.

4) Lots of outlets. Nothing sucks more than being In the Zone only to have your laptop die!

5)Decent sized tables. I sometimes have a notebook, my laptop, and my printed out manuscript all vying for space!

6) Unobtrusive music. People, I listen to my iPod VERY LOUDLY while I write, and if I can still hear your crappy elevator jazz (Starbucks? J’ACCUSE!), I’m not gonna want to write there.

7) At least one hot barista. Shut up. I’m married, not dead!

8) Bathrooms. ‘Nuff said.

9) A good vibe. Granted, this is the most subjective thing ever, but it’s my list, darnit! Some coffee shops just have the perfect ambience for writing. Low lighting helps!

10) Baked goods. Wait, I said that already? Well, they’re VERY VITAL TO MY ARTISITC PROCESS! 

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