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Today on My Overstuffed Bookshelf, I have the great pleasure of introducing you to author Jennifer Bernard!
Jennifer is the author of The Bachelor Fireman of San Gabriel series.  Who can go wrong with a sexy and oh so hot fireman.  Especially when they are as sexy as the author describes in her books!  So lets sit back and enjoy talking with Jennifer!
7 Unintended Consequences of Writing About Fireman
When I started to write my first series, The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel, I had no idea what I was getting into. Well, I knew I’d get to create brave, smoking hot heroes. I knew my heroines would be in for a treat. But I didn’t know how those firemen were going to affect my life. So here are Seven Unintended Consequences of Writing about Firemen.
  1. People send me the BEST links, photos and videos about firemen. Since I like to share the love, here’s an example.Fireman Pole Dance And another one. Make it with a Fireman. Before I wrote these books, I might never have been lucky enough to see a fireman interacting with a pole in quite that way.
  2. I’ve become familiar with terms such as 4-inch supply lines, aerials, and nozzlemen. I now know what an apparatus operator and a Halligan tool are. I try not to be too technical in my books, since they’re light-hearted romances, but I don’t want to be inaccurate either. Which leads me to …
  3. I’ve met some of the coolest guys in the course of my research. My go-to fire consultant, a Fire Captain in California, answers my most trivial questions with the utmost graciousness. I’ve gotten to eat at firehouses, tour firehouses, and try on firefighter’s gear. I’m all about the research!
  4. Friday has become even more fun than it used to be, thanks to Fireman Friday. If you need a little fix of firefighter smexiness, you can find it on Twitter (#FiremanFriday) or the Fireman Friday facebook page. I pitch in on my Facebook page too. Here’s a recent example. 
5.       People send me inspiring stories about firemen around the world. In Guatemala, firemen dress as Santa Claus and rappel down a bridge to reach kids living underneath it. A group of firemen in Albuquerque won the lottery and donated most of their winnings to a fellow firefighter fighting cancer. I love hearing these stories, which are more moving than anything I could make up. 
6.      People also tell me unflattering anecdotes about firemen. The Chief who was secretly seeing three women at a time, for instance. Okay, so I never said they were all perfect.
7.    Do you wish you had your own fireman? Turns out, you can Grow Your Own Fireman. Who knew? I certainly didn’t.
So there you have it, seven ways writing about firemen has changed my life. Of course, the biggest and most amazing of all is the fact that my Bachelor Firemen have leaped out of my imagination and landed in bookstores and ereaders. 


The Bachelor Fireman of San Gabriel #1
Author: Jennifer Bernard
Publisher: HarperCollins/ AVON
Release Date: April 24th, 2012
Captain Brody has been badly burned by his ex-wife. When he orders Ryan, his star fireman, to participate in a bachelor auction, little does he know he’s the one who will lose his heart. 
Melissa McGuire is a brainy local news producer trying to get her career back on track. She can’t believe she’s being set up by her grandmother, who bid on a date with a fireman at the auction. She prefers the artsy type, not the tough, commanding , though clearly attractive, fire chief. 
And yet, they can’t resist each other, especially once her ambitious news anchor assigns her the “Thanksgiving with the Firefighters” news special. Add in her grandmother’s matchmaking and the combined efforts of Captain Brody’s crew…can Brody help being the first bachelor to succumb to love, and the crazy rollercoaster ride of the Curse?


Thanks to HarperCollins/AVON I have one copy of The Fireman Who Loved Me to giveaway to one lucky person!

Contest will end on Wed, May 2, 2012.
One entry per person!
Contest is for the USA only
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