Heads Up on a HUGE book sale!!!

September 18, 2010 Uncategorized 3

I just wanted to let my readers know about a huge sale that is going on right now.  You will have to check your local stores, but it is happening right now in my area.

All Goodwill stores in our area are having a Customer Appreciation Sale going on.  EVERYTHING in the store is 50 percent off!!!  We went to our local one this morning and the had HUGE pallets of books outside!  I found the entire Charlaine Harris series (some in hardback), Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty series, the Vampire Diaries and Vampire Beach series, Need and Captivate, and many more!  My basket was packed with books. I will show them in my IMM tomorrow so you can see exactly what I got.  Some I already own, but I picked them up to donate to our local library and to use for giveaways because they are in new condition!

Are you curious to know how much I spent on all those books???


$6.25 !!!!!!!!!

That is cheaper than ONE hardback and sometimes ONE paperback!!!!

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  1. Cass (Words on Paper)

    The only book I’ve ever gotten for $6 is from eBay. In Australia, the cheapest you can get good quality books is at least $20 for a paperback, $25-30 for a hardback. Grr….

    Congrats though!

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