Hints? Tricks? Opinions?

August 25, 2010 Uncategorized 8

I have been doing some serious thinking about my blog and how I have been doing things lately.  Before I make any major decisions, I wanted to get YOUR opinion on my blog.  You are what matters since you are the main reason for this blog!  If you could just take a few minutes to leave me some comments below, it would mean so much to me for future use!

Is my blog design appealing, or does it have issues that you don’t like?

How do you feel about my reviews? Would you rather they be more lengthy or do you like how I try to just give you the emotional review?(the way a book makes me feel and what emotions it brings out)

Are there certain meme’s you would like to see me participate in more, or would you rather I stick to just reviews?
Anything else you might want to tell me to help me make this blog even better like the bigger blogs?

Thank you for taking the time to help me in this!!

8 Responses to “Hints? Tricks? Opinions?”

  1. Marce

    i like your look and colours. I would like to see what you are currently reading and maybe a tab with what you have read for the year so far.

  2. StephTheBookworm

    I really like the current length of your reviews. Short and sweet and to the point! I’m also glad you don’t do a lot of memes. I don’t do any of them lol.

  3. SusanKMann

    I think your design is excellent. It looks great, especially the header. The layout is clear, not too over crowded but not to sparse. Excelletn. x

  4. girlsinthestacks.com

    I like the design and I am a big believer that you should Keep writing your reviews on how they make you feel. I mean that is a big reason ppl read. I also agree with another comment left that you should also doing a weekly ‘what your reading’ as for meme, if you like one do it. We are not big on them, then I would have to think ahead too much!!! Oh, and you should blogroll us cuz your cool and we like to think we are too (ok we’re nerds).

  5. J.A. Saare

    I personally love your blog. The color scheme is awesome, it’s appealing to the eye, and your reviews are concise without being ugly. I think you’re doing everything right.

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