I need help….lol

October 15, 2009 Uncategorized 15

I want to revamp my blog. No I don’t mean I want vampires all over it. I found the perfect picture to base my blog design with. My problem is I know nothing about blog designing! I want three columns with cool features like everyone else darn it! LOL…So, as I was saying I found the perfect picture to design it around and it fits perfectly with the name of my blog. Here is the picture:

See?! It fits my blog name perfectly! I want the 3 columns, the cute little links under the header, all the bells and whistles. I am so computer dumb though that I won’t even attempt it. Anyone else as dumb as me at this stuff??

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  1. Blanche

    Raising my hand very high……..I wish I knew how to do all the neat things on blogs that everyone else seems to be able to do! I was lucky enough to have Barbara redo my blog recently!

    I LOVE that picture….it is perfect!! I hope someone can help you out with this!!!

  2. VABookworm87

    I would offer my services, but it took me a month just to finish designing mine lol Stupid classes keep getting in the way of my internet time lol

  3. Brandie

    i had to google…but cutest blog on the block i believe had instructions on how to make a three column? i’m not sure. i googled till i found directions on how to rig my codes to make it a 3 column. then i found different sites with 3 column backgrounds. it’s fun! good luck! that’s a really cute picture!

  4. Lorielle

    What I did for my blogs, is I went to Deluxe Templates here: http://www.deluxetemplates.net/ and browsed all of the layouts – I wanted a 3 colomn and found one there that I really liked. Most of them will let you tweak the layout to add a header of your own. I’ve made my own headers… and you can use the graphic you’ve got, it just would need to be reshaped/resized to fit accordingly. You can add your lettering right to that graphic with a graphics program. If you don’t have one, and still need some assistance, let me know! I have a blog here and one here.

  5. Tierney O'Malley

    Hey Amy,

    I am looking forward to seeing your new design. Sorry, I can’t help with the redesigning. My computer skills are quite limited. Again, thanks for the review.

    Tierney O’Malley

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