June 12, 2010 IMM, In My Mailbox 31

Boy did I have a great week!  Not only did I get some prize wins and review books, but I also got a lot of my orders from PaperBackSwap in. PLUS, my awesome Book Fairy(who asked to not be named) sent me some great reads! MY BOOK FAIRY IS AWESOME!!! *(insert a happy dance and lots of clapping)* I can’t wait to read them!

In My Mailbox is found over at The Story Siren
These are my contest wins! I won a SIGNED copy of Forgive My Fins from the author plus a Mermaid Spa pack that came with some nail polish and bath salts. It also came with bookmarks and a temp. tattoo.  The rest were from the Mother’s Day contests that were floating around from Hatchette Book Group. Thank you to both!
These I received from Paper Back Swap. Some of them I already have read and wanted to get some for my new tour site Not Forgotten Tours.
These are the books I received for review. I am reading Night Shade now for Around the World Tours and I am amazed by this book! I am loving it.  Yes, above that book is The Haunted by Jessica Verday. It is the second book in The Hollow series. I can’t wait to read that one!
These are from my AWESOME book fairy!!! Isn’t it amazing! THANK YOU!!! You Rock!!!
That’s what I got in the mail this week. What did everyone else get?

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  1. Book Crazy Jenn

    OMG YOU GOT THE HAUNTED!!! I SOOO cant wait to read that book, I LOVED LOVED The Hollow, I cant wait to hear what you think! EAK!!! Awesome!

  2. Anna

    You got some wonderful books. I’m looking forward to both Nightshade and The Haunted.

    Hope you enjoy Megan Hart’s Dirty. I loved that one. 🙂

  3. Kathy Martin

    What a great mailbox! You got so many that I want to read. I am most jealous of Nightshade. I am really looking forward to that one. Enjoy all your new books and happy reading!

  4. Lori

    Holy crap you did have an awesome week. There are several of those books I would love to get in the mail. *sighs* I sooooo need a book fairy!!! I know my husband would like me to have one too. 😛

  5. prophecygirl

    Wow, amazing haul! I got Forgive My Fins this week too, and I’m in love with the cover. It’s so cool you got a signed edition.

    Happy reading!

  6. The Library Lurker

    Wow, you got a ton of books! I won the signed Forgive My Fins and Spa Kit this week too! I really want to read Sea Change and Nightshade, so I hope that you like them!

  7. The Book Hour

    Wow, just wow! But I have to say I’d take the spa pack and read Forgive My Finns first! 😉 Then maybe try Kresley Cole (I love her Immortals series! It’s really funny and exciting and romantic!). xx

  8. kirstylouise1984

    wow even more than I got this week – specials is fab – I loved that series and am probably going to have to reread it soon. tithe looks awesome – another one I want at some point

  9. Candace

    Talk about the best book week EVER! I can only imagine how fun it’ll be to arrange all those on your shelves. If you run out of space… well, I may have some 😉

  10. Mary

    Wow! Great list! Glad to see your Mothers Day books arrived – maybe the set I won will be in my mailbox this week 🙂

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