July 18, 2010 IMM, In My Mailbox 19

Thanks, as always, to Kristi at The Story Siren for hosting IMM!
I thought this was going to be a slow week for books, but I was wrong.  I am really hating this 105+ degree weather so I apologize for being lazy and not taking out the swag to show you. It is burning up here, and it has made me a little lazy. You can click on the picture for a larger size!

These are from my super secretive book fairy! She so rocks as usual! I always get the best books from her! It’s like Christmas every time I get a box from her!

These are books from PaperBackSwap and also some I traded with other bloggers for! I have been waiting forever for a copy of Bleeding Violet and another blogger happened to have an older ARC laying around that she offered! Thank you!

This was my contest wins! I had won a contest over Teens Read and Write and was sent a Pretty Little Liars tote bag, book and magnets.  I also won the swag contest that JoJo had going for her birthday bash. Love that swag! I won some bookmarks from author Jordan Deen as well!

This was another box that was like Christmas when it arrived! I got all of these from Anna over at Anna’s Book Blog.  I have had a bunch of these on my wish list forever now and she had them to offer! THANK YOU again Anna!

Finally the review books! Glimpse was from Around The World Tours and I already reviewed it. Passing Strange is the third in the Generation Dead series and it is the UK cover version. My big score for the week was Crescendo! I about passed out by the mailbox when that book arrived!  My neighbors looked at me a little strange when I squealed like a little girl upon opening it!
That’s what I got! I can’t wait to see what everyone else received in their mailbox!

19 Responses to “IMM: IN MY MAILBOX”

  1. Anna

    Great Haul Amy! I’m glad my mom was the only one around to see me squeal when I opened Crescendo. LOL! 😉

  2. lavenderlines

    Holy books! LOL You got some great ones, though. I loved Glass Houses. Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires series is one of my fave. And Melissa Marr is great, too.

    Happy reading!

  3. Candace

    Wow! What a super amazing book week! SO jealous of Crescendo! And Split is one I’ve been wanting to read BAD!

  4. Alison

    Only 105+? It’s not worth worrying about unless it’s 115+ or 120+ …says the girl who grew up in Yuma and then Phoenix. (j/k!)
    I’ve read the first Vampire Kisses book but I want to read more. It wasn’t fabulous, but was an interesting book.

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