Kissing Midnight by Emma Holly

August 19, 2009 Emma Holly 1

I just got done reading Kissing Midnight by Emma Holly. At first, I thought this would be kinda like the writing and theme that Lara Adrian writes. Boy was that wrong! In this series by Emma Holly we learn that besides “normal” blood-drinking vampires, there are another kind-UPRY’s-which are shapeshifting vampires.
The book starts kind of slow explaining each character and setting the scene. We have Edmund, who is the father, that adopted 3 homeless children and eventually taking in another. As the children grow up we find that Edmund is in love with Estelle, the girl he takes in last. Now, Emma Holly is known for her erotica, so don’t be surprised by the MANY twinge worthy sex scenes. Even though the book starts out slow, I enjoyed the characters once it took off. Mainly because this book not only focuses on Edmund and Estelle, but it also includes the romance thread of the children when they are older. I am really looking forward to seeing how they all evolve and hold on to love and family.

My grade for this book: A

Here is the back cover:

Kissing Midnight

Edmund Fitz Clare has been keeping secrets he can’t afford to expose. Not to the orphans he’s adopted. Not to the woman he’s been yearning after for years. This seeming professor of history is a shapeshifting vampire, determined to redeem past misdeeds.

Estelle Berenger knows better than to fall for her best friend’s father, but he holds the key to a mystery: that ever since she was struck by lightning, she’s had abilities no normal woman should be able to call upon.

The question is, can these star-crossed lovers survive a vampire war?

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  1. Amy M

    This series was so good! I just finished this last one about a week ago. I do love most of Emma Holly’s work, and this series was no exception! Great review!!

    Amy M

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