Look at what came today!!!!!!

September 4, 2009 Uncategorized 11

I was going to wait until Sunday when I do my post on what comes in my mailbox, but since this didn’t actually come in my mailbox I had to break down and show you today! 🙂
My bookshelf finally came from CSN furniture! If you are new here to my blog, CSN furniture contacted me to do a review of one of their bookshelves. I want to say, that even though it took forever to get it (maybe since I am on the west coast), the book shelf was so easy to put together that the hardest part was loading all my books onto it! IT went together in less than 10 minutes and most of that time was trying to tell my 4 year old to move out of the way!
Here is how it looked when it got here:

AS I was putting it together:

And all finished with the books in it! Now at this time it has all the books I have read and refuse to give up! The boxes and basket in front are the books that I still need to read. It is taking me a bit to put a dent in it because the books I have received from authors and publishers have top priority before my personal stash gets touched.
On the top of the bookcase are my signed copies from authors and YES my very first ARC Hush Hush! That is my DO NOT TOUCH OR I WILL HURT YOU shelf that my kids are afraid to even look at! LOL..

Until tomorrow…

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  1. Emma F.

    Awesome bookshelf, I seriously need a need one(not that the old I have isn’t cool) but I just don’t have enough room on my shelves anymore. Soon I’m going to have to put them in boxes, especially with my b-day coming up and me wanting as many books as I possible can for it.

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