My Dream Home

May 12, 2010 Uncategorized 9

Remember a while back how I received a bookshelf to review from CSN furniture? Well, it got me to thinking about what kind of furniture I would have in my dream home.  You know, in case my hubby and I ever strike it rich in this little town.

First wouldn’t this be beautiful in the bathroom?

I would love to primp myself in front of this and the site has even more bathroom vanities that would leave you drooling over!

Then there is the fancy library room, that I will someday have filled from ceiling to floor full of beautiful books!  My husband says that I am already on my way, but you can never have enough books and shelves!  This would be my dream shelves:

Please Wait
Changing Image…

Come on, you know you are drooling at this! 

I am thinking I will have to at least get me a small bookshelf to tide me over until I win those millions of dollars from the lottery.

9 Responses to “My Dream Home”

  1. Amy J - Book Addict

    LOL..Like you really need to ask what I chose to review this time?? ANOTHER BOOKSHELF! Just in a different color! LOL
    The other shelf I wanted was a dollhouse bookshelf for my daughter but it was out of stock darn it! LOL

  2. Leilani @Leilani Loves Books

    Unfortunately no. I only got one copy. I was itching the whole time thinking about it, BUT, it was a long drive and I was in dear need of gas. So it was either get an extra book or get home. I wanted to get home!
    Dont worry, I have more contests coming up! Signed ones!
    I am SO jealous you read Lover Mine! its was there to, but, gas. Dang gas tank.

  3. Amy J - Book Addict

    @ I love book gossip
    Yep. I think so. Wait it might have an extra shelf. Darn I will have to check. LOL

    Like my kids say: You have checks so you must have money! LMAO I bugged the poor book stock lady at KMART for a whole hour while she unpacked books to get to it. I was not leaving that store without Lover Mine!

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