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August 23, 2009 New Releases 0

Can you believe all the new releases coming out this Tuesday! I am so excited about a couple that I can barely wait to get my hands on them! Here are a few that will be out Tuesday, August 25th. This is not a complete list! Just a few that I have been waiting for!

Pleasure by Jacquelyn Frank
This is the third book in the Shadowdwellers series! This book is actually two books in one! The first will be Sagan’s story then will come Malaya’s story. You will finally get to see what happens between Malaya and Guin! I have been wanting that story so bad! FYI: If you go to Ms. Franks website, she let’s us know that she is currently working on the 6th book of the Nightwalker series. I thought to myself who is left? Then BAM! She tells us it is going to be Jasmines story!
Click on the book to see the details of Pleasure.

The Darkest Whisper by Gena Showalter
Finally a new Lords of the Underworld book! I admit, I bought the ebook she had out titled The Darkest Prison. It came out not too long ago as an ebook only. What it was, was a teaser! It gave us a short story just to keep us waiting for the next book! FINALLY a new, full length Lords book is arriving! Trust me, if I see you at the book store, and you are grabbing the last copy of this, I will knock you down and grab that sucker out of your pretty little hands! LOL! That is how bad I have been waiting for this book! Again, click on the book for all the details!

Intertwined by Gena Showalter
Yes! Another book by Gena on the same day! This is her highly anticipated new Young Adult book that she is so proud of! I can’t wait to read it even though it is a YA read! I have read the preview and it looks like a great read!

Blood Promise (Vampire Academy Series #4) by Richelle Mead
I admit. I haven’t read any of this series yet but now that I have seen some previews of this book, I want to buy all of them. Or if anyone wants to donate them to the blog just email me..hint,hint…lol…Just click on the book!

Later I am going to try and work on a detailed list for new releases for the end of August and for Sept. This will take a bit so I don’t expect it to be posted until tomorrow evening. So check back for that.

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