NIGHT SECRETS by Cherry Adair

December 25, 2009 2 flames 2

Author: Cherry Adair

  • Mass Market Paperback: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Ballantine Books (October 28, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0345499913
  • ISBN-13: 978-034549991


Sydney McBride is writing a profile on a plastic surgery spa in Rio that caters to celebrities, and she’s going under the knife herself–all to revive her sagging career. But then she gets wind of an even bigger story. Among the nips and tucks she discovers a mysterious and devastatingly attractive man claiming he’s come to Rio to foil a plot that has the potential to unleash worldwide horror. Lucas Fox is Sydney’s ticket to a comeback–one that could relaunch her into the limelight. All she has to do is gain his trust. But Lucas Fox trusts no one. He’s a drop-dead gorgeous T-FLAC operative whose paranormal powers are flickering–but whose powers in bed rocket Sydney to a place she didn’t know existed. Now, with the astounding secrets that she and Lucas have uncovered at the spa, Sydney is willing to take on her most risky career move of all. She’ll work side by side with a world-hopping wizard–stopping only for the most forbidden pleasures along the way.


This was my first book by Cherry Adair. I had heard great things about this author, but I was disappointed in this book.

It was more about the action than the passion. I like action in my books, don’t get me wrong! But I also like a good balance between the two. I don’t want all action or all romance. It has to have both to even out. There were moments of romance and witty humor, but not enough to keep me interested in the book. It had alot of military-like scenes and it just didn’t appeal to me.

If you can handle the action themed books, with understanding of little romance, then this book would be a great read. It also has a lot of gruesome scenes, so if you are squeamish, I would hold out on this book. The ending is vague, and leaves you to believe that in order to get the full impact, you would have to read the final book in the series to get closure.


A Decent Read.
Has Some Drawbacks Though.

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  1. Erotic Horizon

    I like this series and you have summed it up right -it is definitely more action than romance and that works for me…

    If you are ever in the mood = Try Beverly Barton… another author that does plot and a little romance really well… not so graphic either…


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