Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

July 8, 2012 4 flames 0

Of Poseidon
Author: Anna Banks
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Source: Publisher
ISBN: 9781250003324

(From Goodreads)

Galen is the prince of the Syrena, sent to land to find a girl he’s heard can communicate with fish. Emma is on vacation at the beach. When she runs into Galen — literally, ouch! — both teens sense a connection. But it will take several encounters, including a deadly one with a shark, for Galen to be convinced of Emma’s gifts. Now, if he can only convince Emma that she holds the key to his kingdom . . . 

Told from both Emma and Galen’s points of view, here is a fish-out-of-water story that sparkles with intrigue, humor, and waves of romance.

(Guest Review from M.W.)

What can I say? The beginning of this story had me crying. Of course, that could be because I get very emotional with books, but that’s not the point. The story, in my opinion, has your emotions going through a roller coaster ride and has you questioning a lot of things. You’re sad one moment, your angry the next, then you are happy. I felt very frustrated with almost every single one of the characters at least once in this book.

The main problem I had was that everything started off too fast. I felt that Galen and his problems were introduced into the book faster then I had expected. The author could have done so much with the characters but instead she went straight into a relationship between Galen and Emma and showed the already existing yet strained relationship between Rayna and Toraf. Don’t get me wrong though, I loved every single bit of the relationships, I just feel like she could have done more with them.

I would have to say that out of the whole book, my least favorite character was Rayna. She is a complete jerk at the beginning towards Emma and has you wanting to punch her at certain points. She’s the type of girl that just frustrates you to no end yet also has you feeling bad for her because of her situation. I can’t help but feel bad for Galen and Toraf for having to deal with her even if they don’t mind it.

The main part in the book that I liked and had me wanting more was when the author finally revealed the answer to the problem I had been wondering about half way through the book. Although, it was not fully what I had expected it to be, it had me grinning and thinking, “I knew it!”

Even after saying all that, I still loved the way the story turned out. I thought that she did a terrific job keeping the plot going and leaving it hanging at the end for a second book. The roller coaster ride of emotions in it makes it even better.


Very Good! I would recommend this book!

*I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review*

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