Oh.My.Gods. by Tera Lynn Childs

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  • Reading level: Young Adult
  • Hardcover: 272 pages
  • Publisher: Dutton Juvenile (May 1, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0525479422
  • ISBN-13: 978-0525479420
When cross-country-running California girl Phoebe Castro finds out her mom is marrying a virtual stranger and moving them halfway around the world to Greece right before her senior year, she thinks her worst problem will be missing out on fun times with her two best friends. But when they arrive on Serfopoula, her new stepdad tells her that all the students at the Academy—the ultra-elite private school which happens to be the same one founded by Plato more than two thousand years ago—are all super-powerful descendants of the gods. Missing her friends is the least of her problems.
Oh.My.God! This book was another great read by the fabulous author, Tera Lynn Childs.  After reading Forgive My Fins, I desperately wanted to read more of this authors work. She has the creativity to come up with the most wonderful creations in her writing.  The character of Phoebe was a typical teenage girl with dreams of getting a scholarship to college due to her long distance running.  She has worked hard to get to where she is and then her mom pulls the rug out from under her. Her Mom reveals that she is getting married to Damien, who happens to be a descendant of a Greek God.  Suddenly Phoebe is thrown off track with her future plans and is forced to move to Greece.  She is told about that the myth about the Greek Gods is true.  She struggles to find her place as a human among all the descendants of the Greek Gods.  Along with trying to fit in, she finds two great friends Troy and Nicole.  She also falls in love with Griffin who is one of the jocks at the school.  
The author floors me with her creativeness and the way she can keep you hooked on a book.  I loved the witty writing that you would expect from teenage characters.  It flowed nicely and was well paced.  A book that will quickly suck you in and leave you wanting to finish the book at a world record pace!  I have found victory with finding this author!

Outstanding Book That Will Stay On My Bookshelf

For Rereading! 5 STARS

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    I have this one on my shelf, except it’s a different cover. Looking forward to reading it. 🙂

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