Our Court Intelligence At Work!!!

January 10, 2010 Uncategorized 3

To start off, my husband was called for jury duty service, which is just so wrong. Why do people who have jobs have to serve jury duty?? Especially when there are thousands of people who are out of work and looking for a job that could serve on jury duty??
Anyway, my mom called me and told me that my husband shouldn’t feel bad about being called for jury duty because she saw on the news that a CAT has been summoned for jury duty.  Yes, you read that right. A Cat. How the hell is a cat suppose to serve jury duty?? The family called the jury system and explained the situation to them, and yes, the cat has to serve jury duty. WTF??!! I can just see the Judge’s face and questions now.
Have you ever killed a mouse?
Have you ever caused a hit and run?
Anyway, if you don’t believe me feel free to read the story below.

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  1. I Heart Book Gossip

    I hated Jury Duty the most when I had it in the Summer, it was torture. But I had it only for one day. My friend had it for 3 weeks. Can you imaging missing midterms for jury duty? Thats just horrible. Hope your husband gets one day or a realllly good case! Do you get paid 40 dollars a day? I’m not sure if it differs in NYC and other states?

  2. Christy Pinheiro, EA ABA

    They pull the names for Jury duty off the votor registration rolls. My husband got out of it because English isn’t his first language, and I got out of it because my employer dirn’t pay me to serve on a jury and it would have been an economic hardship.

    I think they should ask retired people to do it– I do think it’s important as a public service, but I can’t give up my salary for weeks, maybe months, to earn $5 bucks a day serving on a jury.

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