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May 2, 2010 PaperBack Swap 2 - Book Club to Swap, Trade & Exchange Books for Free.

I joined PBS a while back and I have gotten so many books from this site. It is easy to start, and very addictive!!
You list 10 books that you are willing to part with,(this is a hard one for me!(LOL), and then start wishing for books! When a book becomes available, you get an email. If you want it then you just accept it. When people want books off your giveaway list, you just pay the shipping to send it to them. It is like a giant yard sale of books. As of today, I have saved $1,075.50 through this site. Yes, it gives you a savings amount on the site! Basically, that is what I would have spent if I had bought these books at a store.

Just click on the picture above to get started!!

When you sign up, be sure to tell them that djsfoxylady sent you! Then we both get credits to spend!

2 Responses to “PaperBack Swap”

  1. Scorpio M.

    I have been a PBS member for 5 years now and LOVE it! I still buy my favorite authors because I am well aware that authors NEED people to BUY books so that they can continue writing. But for new authors that I want to try or when trying to build a backlist, I go to PBS.

  2. Lisa R

    I too have belonged to PBS for awhile. January stared my 3rd year. I love it as I often will find a “new” author or series and this is the place to pickup older books in a series. I always have my wishlist at the max. I usually get in 4 or 5 new books a week and easily send out as much. As I seldom reread a book(there are so many I haven’t read yet) this is a wonderful place to pass them on.

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