Publishing Spotlight: Academic Success for All Learners

November 18, 2010 Uncategorized 0

Today I want to share something special for my readers.  I went to my daughters school last week and the teacher mentioned the Reading Program she was going to introduce for the second quarter.  She handed me a book that she raved about that brought great success with the children in learning to read.  When she handed me the books to look at, I couldn’t help but notice how faded and worn out the books were.  I mentioned to her that I didn’t think the books would handle another year of kids handling them.  She told me that these were the best Kindergarten reading books she has ever used and she wishes that she could afford more for the class.  You see our small town has schools with small town budgets.  I felt sad that these children might not even get to finish the program due to the books falling apart!  Reading is crucial and if the teacher is raving about these books being the best out there for young readers to learn with, then I wanted to help.

I looked online and contacted the publisher about these books.  I let them know about how the teacher raved about them. I asked if there was anyway their company could donate one set for the classroom .  Imagine my surprise when not only did they respond, but they were willing to donate FOUR sets to my daughters classroom!!

My daughter with her friends and teacher showing off her new books!
(yes, my daughter is the one with the goofy smile in the center! LOL)

Academic Success For All Learners went out of their way and shipped the first set in the I See Sam series.  I can honestly say that these books are amazing for young readers to start learning with.  My daughter has learned how to read 2 of these books already, and she always asks for more! This company has even started a Facebook page to help share news about their books!  They are even focusing on over the next few months helping out a group doing some work on literacy issues in Liberia Africa.  I urge you to take a look at their Loving Through Literacy Campaign they have going on right now.  They will be doing some various fundraisers to help support literacy in young children.

I personally want to thank this company for everything they have done and will do.  For one small town school, you have just opened up a new world of reading through your books for our children!

Loving Through Literacy Campaign:

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