Quickie Reviews For You (3)

February 20, 2015 1 flame, 2 flames, 3 flames, M/M, Quickie Reviews, Review, Romance 0

Another short post featuring a few quick reviews. Short, sweet and all in one post.

handymendoitbetterHandy Men Do It Better: Step One by Dan Sexton
1 Star
– This book was a hot mess of juvenile horny men.  I honestly had the hardest time making it to the last page of this book.  By the end of the book, I had no desire to continue the series.


mountainheroMountain Hero: Book 1 by Cheryl Yeko
3 Stars
– This was the predictable read, but written well enough to pass the time.  I enjoyed the two main characters but I did wish it had been just a tab bit longer.  There were a few weak points in the story. The side characters were bland to me.
GOODREADS / AMAZON (currently $1.99)


thepleasureprincipleThe Pleasure Principle by Jane O’Reilly
2 Stars
– I am probably going to be in the minority here but this book wasn’t as well liked for me as it was for others.  I just couldn’t bring myself to enjoy the characters.  Yes the cover is hot. Yes the sexy time in the book was hot. Unfortunately, that was all I could bring myself to enjoy.
GOODREADS / AMAZON (currently $3.14)


marketingbeefMarketing Beef by Rick Bettencourt
2 Stars
– This one had a few moments of laughing out loud dialogue.  One character is a shy introvert with parents who were fixated on tormenting him about a birthmark when he was younger.  In the other corner, we have a suave ad executive.  The sex scenes are minimal and not very steamy. The ending was much weaker than the first half of the book.


scornedScorned: From the Inside Out Book 1 by S.L. Scott
1 Star
– Another book that I am sure will leave me in the minority with my rating of one star. This relationship between Dylan and Juliette is a mess bordering on abusive and emotionally disturbing. I couldn’t stand either character and the story was eye rolling.  I couldn’t believe half of the things each one of them did in the whopping 85 pages I forced myself to read. One more book to add to my list of series I won’t continue.

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