Quickie Reviews For You (6)

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A short post featuring a few quick reviews. Short, sweet and all in one post.

For this edition of Quickie Reviews For You, we are mixing it up. Taken off my review list at home, these are in no particular group or order.

mayhemMayhem by Jamie Shaw
4 Stars
GOODREADS/AMAZON (currently $2.99)
Is it a book full of cliche’s? Yes, but it works perfectly for this story. Is it predictable? Again yes, but I didn’t really care because I got to read about rock stars and love. I am a sucker for this trope. The only thing I really had an issue with was Adam not realizing who she was without her makeup. Come on! Makeup wouldn’t change her that much just because she has a smoky eye instead of a natural look.


the deal The Deal by Elle Kennedy
5 Stars
GOODREADS/AMAZON (currently priced $4.99)
Oh.My.GAWD! This book….no words. I loved it from page one until The End. Hannah was awesome but Garrett was the best hero ever! I laughed, I teared up, and then I also did everything in between on the emotional scale. I can honestly say that this book will be on my favorite books of 2015. I may have also highlighted so many quotes in this book that I might have started to annoy people it shared with. I dare you to just go read the quotes section on Goodreads and see what I mean.


hard knocksHard Knocks by Lori Foster
3 Stars
GOODREADS/AMAZON (currently $1.99)
This is a short novella featuring Gage and Harper.  I love the author, but this one I couldn’t make a connection with the characters.  The writing was just as good as always.  The characters were okay.  The  plot was all right.  I just couldn’t feel the romance between the two for it to stand out from her other books.


maybe somedayMaybe, Someday by Colleen Hoover
3 Stars
GOODREADS/AMAZON (currently $7.99)
Love triangle? Check. Guitar player? Check. Sweet emotions? Double check. While this wasn’t one of my favorites by this author, it still was a great read.  I loved Ridge, but I just didn’t like how he went about things and the decisions he would make throughout the story. We felt bad for him, but I couldn’t justify some of the things he did as “good guy” criteria. Sydney needed to just pull up her big girl panties and walk away from Ridge, but then we wouldn’t have a story.  Not bad writing, just bad character decisions.


ugly loveUgly Love by Colleen Hoover
4 Stars
GOODREADS/AMAZON (currently $7.99)
Ugly Love will leave you with a bad case of “Ugly Cries” which is followed by “Ugly Book Hangover”.  I actually enjoyed this one surprisingly.  I wasn’t too sure about it at first, but the characters grew on me.  The only thing that kept this from hitting the high mark was that the author did have the characters acting and talking immature at times.  I kind of overlooked that though because I was slightly infatuated with Miles. (somebody mentioned this book is getting made into a movie?? Does anyone know if it is true? Comment below and let me know!)


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