Quickie Reviews For You (9)

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A short post featuring a few quick reviews. Short, sweet and all in one post.

For this edition of Quickie Reviews, I am featuring books that have received a 4 Star rating. The Amazon price posted below is the current price at the time of this post. The prices could change at any time.

curiousCURIOUS (The Finn Factor #1)
by R.G. Alexander
AMAZON (currently $2.99)

The warning for this book had me Curious. Then I bought it and devoured it in one sitting. This book almost slid onto the 5 star list, but the beginning of the story played out a little too quickly for my tastes. Definitely going to keep reading this series.

jack5.500x8.500.inddGUILTY PLEASURES
by Kitty Thomas
AMAZON (currently $4.95)

I was recommended to read books by this author if I want to read a dark and not-so-frilly romance. This book will not be for everyone. It is a walk on the dark side in the romance books with dark subjects and scenes.  Personally, I enjoyed the book even with the knowledge that it is out of my usual comfort zone.

good neighborsGOOD NEIGHBORS
by Sheila Roberts
AMAZON (currently $FREE)

A quick novella that comes in at 77 pages on Goodreads. Rarely I can find a novella that I enjoy enough to give it a high rating. Usually there isn’t enough to the story to grab on to, but this one surprised me. The only downfall to the story was the Hero. I didn’t quite connect to him as much as I would have liked.

straight boySTRAIGHT BOY (Straight Guys 0.5)
by Alessandra Hazard
AMAZON (currently $FREE)

Another short novella that surprised me. Straight Boy comes in at 48 pages according to Goodreads.  That being said, the 48 pages actually held some story within that short amount of reading time. Not only were the sexy scenes just that, but there is some humor thrown in occasionally to lighten the mood of a prison sex read.

addicted to youADDICTED TO YOU (Addicted #1)
by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie
AMAZON (currently $FREE)

A bad boy addicted to booze and a naughty girl addicted to sex. This can be a volatile combination to work with in a story but the author(s) pulled it off. These characters went through really bad times to the point of where I didn’t think either one could survive giving up the addictions.  The ending left me craving more and I do recommend having the next in the series on hand.

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