Random Friday: Trailers, Teacher Bullies and Dancing Vikings!

November 18, 2011 Random Friday 0

It is Friday my lovelies!  Today I am snagging the idea from the superior Fiction Vixen and doing a Random Friday Post! So I give the credit to her for the Random Friday post idea!


This week on My Overstuffed Bookshelf, we reviewed the following books:
SOME LIKE IT HOT by Louisa Edwards
ZACK by Cheyenne McCray
UNLEASHED by Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie
Also on Tuesday I featured Part Two of the Home Library Organization feature.  Now I must say that people have been emailing me asking if I will be posting before and after photos of my library.  Yes I will but not until the end of the feature.


Now not only did Fiction Vixen inspire me to start a Random Friday post, but she also mentioned Pinterest.  Oh.My.Gawd! Have any of you joined that site yet? Let me warn you that it is very addicting. I can’t stop pinning! They need a support group for sites like that!  Anyway, I was cruising the recipes on the boards – EASY recipes because I am a lazy cook – and I found this recipe.


Well, I actually made that scrumptious treat and it is to die for people!  So easy and now my Mother is begging for me to make it on Thanksgiving. Jeez! As if the turkey, deviled eggs and hosting the dinner isn’t enough! That’s okay. I will suffer through the cooking just to have that delicious treat in my belly.


Speaking of Pinterest, I found another cool blog to stalk – I mean follow for my daily dose of laughter.  I swear The Bloggess has some funny stuff on her blog.  I might have had to clean my computer screen several times.  Don’t be drinking your early morning coffee when reading her posts! My favorite one so far though is when a man should learn how to pick his battles featuring a giant 5 foot chicken. Yes, you read that right. Go read it and be prepared to laugh for hours. KNOCK-KNOCK!


How many times have you watched the trailer for The Hunger Games?  Don’t be shy. You know you have watched it every day huh? Well, I have. Don’t judge me.  I am a trailer junkie, so deal. AH-MAZ-ING!  I am so excited for this movie. It even has my husband a tad interested in going to see it.  WOOT!  Now if I can get my butt in gear and go watch Breaking Dawn this weekend!


My mom called me the other day to inform me that on the Today Show there was a few teachers that are in some hot water for the treatment of a disabled child.  Having a child who is disabled – this made me furious! I urge you to watch the video and make sure your children are safe!http://on.today.com/u2iK8h
And I am leaving you with this youtube video that I found.  I don’t understand what these people were thinking. It is ADULT THEME!!  Seriously, I have no words for this.  Nada.


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