Review: Fall To Pieces by Vahini Naidoo

January 7, 2013 2 flames, Young Adult 0

Fall to Pieces
Author: Vahini Naidoo
ISBN: 9780761462170

(From Goodeads)

When your best friend dies, you’re supposed to know what happened. You’re supposed to know why.

But Ella has no idea what happened the night Amy jumped to her death. She has no idea why Amy would want to die.

Ella’s other friends, Mark and Petal, are hiding something. Ella thinks they know exactly what happened that terrible night. But they’re not talking. Instead, Ella, Mark, and Petal play Pick Me Ups—a game in which they jump from dangerous heights. And every time Ella falls, she begins to remember pieces of that night. . . 

It’s still not enough. So Ella brings a mysterious new guy into the group, hoping he will help shake things up and unearth the truth. But Ella’s “Explosive Boy” has secrets of his own.

And there may be some secrets that Ella doesn’t want to face. The truth—the real truth—about Amy’s death might just be more than she can handle.


Four friends suddenly become three.  Ella, Mark, Petal, and Amy suddenly become Ella, Mark and Petal after Amy dies.  Ella is having a hard time remembering what happened.When Mark creates a game called Pick Me Ups, Ella starts getting flashbacks of the night Amy died.  Instead of an adrenaline rush, she is getting glimpses into the secrets that are locked within her head.  Then Ella brings Tristan into the fold but he has secrets of his own.

This was a book that led me into the trap of ‘just one more chapter’ before setting it down.  I wanted to know what would happen next and I wanted to learn more about the way Amy died.  I thought the book did great in the time line and gave the reader just enough with each chapter to make you want to keep reading.  So the pace was done okay.  The characters were okay, but they all stood out about the same for me for some reason.  While I enjoyed the book, it was just a mediocre read for me.  I will also mention that the language is high in profanity in case this is a no-no in books that you want to read.  Be warned.  To me it wasn’t a big issue, but to others it can be.  I also just couldn’t connect with the characters in the way the author was wanting.

Not bad for a quick read, but one that does need to be warned of the profanity mentioned above.  Don’t go into it blind.  Like I said earlier, just an okay read for me and one I won’t be thinking about afterwards for long.


If the library doesn’t have it, don’t worry about reading it!

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