#Review: I Believe by Patti Roberts

November 10, 2014 1 flame, non fiction 0



Is there a Heaven? Have you ever experienced anything unexplainable? Did you know when something bad was about to happen…? Have you ever met someone and taken a great liking or disliking to them straight away…. Like you have known them before? Real People – Real Stories. Will one of them be YOURS?

Lately, I have been interested in reading books on near death experiences.  I have always been fascinated by stories told by people who have come close to death and are willing to share what they had seen.  When I Believe came up as a free read on Amazon, I decided to give it a try.  It is a short read featuring many different experiences by numerous people.  While I though I would enjoy hearing their stories, the editing was really horrible in this book. It made it difficult to follow along with each tale when I had to keep overlooking the misspelled words and format issues. Usually, I overlook this type of thing, but it was pretty bad in this case.

Still, while some of the experiences were fascinating, others fell short of what I was hoping. Some of the stories came off as being a made up version just to put it in the book. This was just not one of my favorites in my journey to find near death experience story telling.


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