Review: Where There’s A Will by Karen Kelley

January 17, 2013 4 flames, Karen Kelley, Paranormal, Romance 0

Where There’s A Will
Series: Good Girl #2
Author: Karen Kelley
Genre: Paranormal Romance

(From Goodreads)

When good girl Haley Tillman is stood up (again), she prays for a dating miracle— and then slams the front door in its face when it appears! Ryder is half angel, half mortal, with powers to do whatever the hell he wants. When he hears Haley’s prayers, he is bound and determined to answer every single one of them.


Where There’s A Will is the second book in the Good Girl series by author Karen Kelley.  What girl hasn’t wished for the perfect man?  When Haley wishes for a man, she gets a half angel with sexiness in spades.  Ryder is determined to act out Haley’s fantasies and show her how beautiful she is.

I have to say that this book caught me by surprise.  I didn’t think it was going to be so great because everyone kept saying that Haley considers herself fat, ugly and unappealing.  Women deal with this every day in real life, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to read about it.  Granted, I am tired of the perfect size 0 women in romance, but why did she have to feel that average was a bad thing to start with?  Ryder was some hubba-hubba with some ooh-la-la thrown in.  He was every bit as sexy as the cover model on the front of this book.

The writing was good and I really didn’t have any more problems with this book.  It wasn’t blow me away great, but it was definitely one to keep you warm on a cold night of reading.  Even though this is part of series, I considered it to be okay as a stand alone read as well.  This is one series that I will continue reading and enjoying.


Very Good! I would recommend this book!

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