SAVAGE RESCUE by Chastity Bush

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  • Publisher: Hearts on Fire Books (January 11, 2010)
  • Language: English

Chief Tall Bear is shocked when he learns of the stolen lady in his teepee but cannot overcome the pull she has on him once he meets her. He knows her presence will bring trouble to his peaceful village but cannot keep himself from her. From her long dark hair, to her deep blue eyes, he is pulled to her like a bear to honey. He is determined to have her. Both in his bed and in his life.

      After a lifetime of beatings at the hands of her father and his ranch hands, Cecily Smith has been rescued, or kidnapped. Either way, she is grateful. Especially when the man they called Chief Tall Bear presents himself to her. Unable to explain or contain the odd rush of emotions flooding her, Cecily finds herself aching to learn all that Bear has to teach.

I love this author. She just has a way with making her words come alive off the page.  I was a little hesitant to read this book though.  Books about Indian Chiefs and such were just not my cup of tea.  Then I remembered that Ms. Bush is a great author of romance.  I gave it a go and was genuinely surprised to have enjoyed it.  It’s a wonderful love story that will leave your heart aching to read more.  Each character has their own personal struggle and personalities that will keep you entranced throughout the wonderful story.  If you are hesitant about this sort of story plot, don’t be. The author stays true to her writing and lets you sit back and enjoy the love that flows from the pages. 
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