SQUEEZE PLAY by Kate Angell

May 8, 2010 2 flames 3

Author: Kate Angell
Source: Library
  • Mass Market Paperback: 308 pages
  • Publisher: Love Spell (May 30, 2006)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0505526670
  • ISBN-13: 978-0505526670
Risk Kincaid and Jacy Grayson have known each other since high school, when, after seeing her crying because her prom date dumped her, Risk volunteered to be her rebound guy. Whenever she broke up with someone, she could call him, and wherever he was, he’d show up for a few days to “console” her. 
Years later, Risk, now a team captain of a World Series-winning baseball team, returns to their hometown of Frostproof, Florida, for a benefit. He has seen eccentric Jacy every six months or so for years, and he now plans on asking her to marry him. Jacy has never had anyone in her bed but Risk, her true love. All those boyfriends were just a way to keep him in her life. But now she is afraid of changing the status quo. 

Squeeze Play is the first in a series of books featuring baseball athletes looking for love by author Kate Angell. I am a sucker for romance books that feature strong heros and heroines.  With this book, both characters were strong and independent but lacked in the spark of romance.  This book was suppose to be about Risk and Jacy, but you are introduced to the side characters that have just as much of a story as the main characters.  While I enjoyed all of them, it made you forget who the story was suppose to be featuring.
The story was sweet and fun, even if it did seem to stray all over with different people and plots.  I enjoyed the book, but not enough to where I would run out and buy the whole series. If you are a serious baseball fan though, the book features lots of baseball trivia and insights.  All I know is the book to didn’t strike a home run with me and instead featured a bunch of foul balls.

  If the library doesn’t have it, don’t worry about reading it!

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  1. Morgan

    Wow, this book looks amazing. I love the summary and the cover looks cute! I’ll defiantly have to add this to my wishlist, great review.

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