Thank you Cecile!

December 26, 2009 Uncategorized 8

See that new blog header up there on top?? Isn’t it amazing??!!

Thank you so much Cecile from All I Want And More for doing such a fantastic job of it! She knew exactly what I had pictured in my mind! Now if I can just convince her to get me that book shelf image in the background of it with those colors to make a background for my blog..*cough, hint* I will be all set to go!

She is so awesome and if you haven’t checked out her blog before, go stop by and see it! She has the greatest blog!

8 Responses to “Thank you Cecile!”

  1. Cecile

    Aww Amys… I am just glad that you like it!! ((hugs to you my friend))
    I will see what I can do as far as background.. **cough… I am not that good, lol**
    I must go to work to see what I can do… lol!!!
    I am just glad that you like it. We need to work on a few things though.

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