The End of 2011

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While it is sad that another year has come and gone,  I can honestly say that 2011 was a great year in the literature world.  So many new books came out that blew me away, while seasoned authors continued to rock the book world with their amazing writing. 

As for challenges went, this was my first year hosting the 100+ Reading Challenge and there was a HUGE turn out.  THANK YOU for joining and being a part of it with me.  I did change it up this year and boosted it to a 150+ Reading Challenge because many of you said you surpassed the 100 quota.  So what a great way to try and beat last years record and push for 150! You can still sign up HERE.

This brings me to my Challenge round up for the year.  I only signed up for a few in 2011 and again I only finished a few.  Major Fail on my part.  With everything that happened personally this year with family members passing away and my daughter struggling with bullies at school, I was sure I wouldn’t be able to finish them off.  So here are my standings and you can check out the links to each review in the challenges HERE.

150+ Reading Challenge:  I finished this one on 5/17/2011.  In total my grand finale of books read and reviewed in 2011 was actually 235.  This could have been more, but the rest of my reviews won’t post until the New Year.

2011 Young Adult Reading Challenge:  I finished this one on 5/9/2011 with the goal of 50 young adult books.  In total my grand finale of young adult books read and reviewed in 2011 was actually 140.  It is safe to say that this was the year of Young Adult books for me.  Such amazing stuff came out in this genre that it was easy to surpass my goal of only 50.

2011 Erotica Reading Challenge:  FAILED  My goal was set at 15 in this genre, but I couldn’t really get into this genre for some reason.  I mean who doesn’t love smut? I love it, but it took a back burner for me this year.  Maybe next year will hold better results in this category.

2011 M/M Reading Challenge: FAILED  My goal was set at 5 or more, but again I failed.  Maybe because I am still a little hesitant on reading this genre because other readers find it so taboo.  I have made a list of books though in this genre that I plan on reading this coming year.

As for stats for My Overstuffed Bookshelf, I am in awe at the sheer growth my blog has achieved.  Seriously? I can’t thank you enough for following my blog and for you taking the time in commenting. 

As of the date and time of this post:
Followers GFC:  1746  (1214 at the beginning of 2011)
Followers through email: 254 (162 at the beginning of 2011)
**Networked blogs is new this year so there is no comparison for last year.

Again, thank you for making this an amazing year.  Thank you to my friends, followers, authors and publishers. Most of all, thank you to my family who not only have accepted my obsession with books but have endured the many late nights of me reading, missed meals and just one more chapter. 

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