The Reaping (The Fahllen, #1) by M. Leighton

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The Fahllen, #1
Author: M. Leighton
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Published:  January 29th 2011


Every hell has its devil. And Carson is about to become intimately acquainted with hers.

Seventeen-year-old wallflower Carson Porter has always dreamed of being something special, but what she gets isn’t what she signed up for.

Yeah, a girl’s supposed to change as she gets older, but this is ridiculous! Shiny skin, greener eyes and a run-in with the flesh-eating dead are just a few of the changes Carson has to adjust to, not to mention the arrival of very hot and very dangerous Derek Hrolf. If all that wasn’t enough to turn her once hum-drum life into something unrecognizable, a twin sister that haunts her from the shadows and a wheeling, dealing collector of souls will definitely do the trick. The question is: what will her life become? And what will she become?


First of all, how haunting is that cover?? Amazing! To be honest with everyone, the cover caught my eye before I even read the summary! Then, I read the summary and was intrigued. It left me wondering what Carson is suppose to change into and what type of world the author is creating.

Living with an over protective Father, Carson has found her social life lacking and leaving her feeling like she isn’t up to par with others her age.  Her father doesn’t allow make-up, going anywhere besides school and home, and practically a recluse in the friends department.  I felt sorry for Carson on this point and felt bad that she didn’t have a Mother to talk to about this.  Then, everything starts to change and Carson finds herself in the center of the ring, so to speak.  Not only is she changing, but the people around her are changing as well and she finds herself wondering what it going on. 

Are you still wondering what type of book this is? Is it zombies, vampires, werewolves or aliens? Well rest assured, it is none of those things.  This is a book about Reapers, which is a great play on words with the title being called The Reaping.  When Carson meets Derek though, he is unable to answer many of the questions that she asks and they both need to figure them out together. While Carson was such a strong character of the book, Derek complimented her in a balanced way.  He held her up when she needed it, but she also quickly recovered and stayed strong and true to the personality that the author created for Carson. 

With chills and thrills with each turn of the page, The Reaping has brought an edge to the young adult genre by stepping out of the normal paranormal creatures of the night.  I enjoyed reading this book and taking the journey down the path of unknown with Carson.  With the perfect balance of dialogue and a creepiness to keep you gripping the pages, the author has brought a fresh new voice to read.  


Outstanding Book That Will Stay On My Bookshelf
For Rereading! 5 STARS

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