To Stache or Not to Stache…That is the question

June 3, 2013 Discussion Post 5


Lately, it seems like mustache and beard are the new rage in romance novels.  The last four books that I have read, the guy has either had a mustache,  goatee, or full on beard.  As a matter of fact, the book I am reading at this very moment has a man who has the full mustache described as vintage porn mustache.  And we have to read about this mustache at least twice during the course of the chapter.

Now before Smexy Books comes unglued on me for this post, let me at least point out that my husband rocks the goatee/beard and mustache combo.  He keeps it trimmed and under control.  This is fine.


When I go into reading a romance book, I have certain standards I subconsciously want met.  Yes there are many advantages to the hero having a mustache.  But when I am reading, that hero either has to have one like my husband or have a smooth baby face free of hair.  Just a plain old mustache reminds me of the 70’s or an old man from Sherlock Holmes mysteries.  I want to grab a razor and shave that sucker from the pages of my romance scenes.  Don’t even get me started on a mustache that goes past the definition of handlebar.

While we are on the subject of hair, I will also admit that my hero needs a smooth chest.  Seriously, who wants to kiss and lick all over a man’s chest that has hair on it? When I read about hairy chests it makes me gag thinking the girl is going to pull away with tiny hairs on her tongue. Gag!

So tell me everyone.  What are your opinions on the facial and body hair for men in your romance novels? Am I alone in this way of thinking or do I have people on my side of the hair line? 

5 Responses to “To Stache or Not to Stache…That is the question”

  1. Mandi

    Read Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley and tell me Hop’s mustache is not fabulous!!!! 😉

    • Amy Jacobs

      LOL! That is the one I am reading right now that I mentioned!
      While Hop is hot, he really needs to update that stache!

  2. infinitieh

    Egad, no ‘stache! I don’t care how period it is! And some manscaping is a must! And no licking of manly (read “furry”) chests! Especially if said chest is of the Robin Williams’ variety! (love his humor and acting, just not his chest)

    I’m getting all icked out right now.

  3. Alexa

    Lol I don’t mind if there is some facial hair on a guy as long as it is kept trimmed up and is not a full beard. I really like a clean chest though or maybe just a happy trail. 🙂

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