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A Golden Light Anthology 5 Book Collection!

Thank you so much for hosting me on A Golden Light Anthology’s Blog Tour! I’m so glad to be here and present to all of you our brand new releases! A Golden Light Anthology 5 Book Collection has been such a special project and I’m thrilled to be able to introduce the books to all of you.

A 5 book collections means that there is a book for just about every taste, too – from science fiction and fantasy to historical fiction, a young adult anthology, a children’s anthology, and our Christian anthology. All are filled with some of the most talented authors around.  I’m sure you’ll agree that A Golden Light Anthology series is something special.

Without further ado – the books!

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A little about the books –

Gaslight: A Golden Light Anthology~
From the very first story by award winning author J.S. Dunn, to the last story in the anthology, readers will be swept away to various time periods with an array of characters – from ancient seafaring towns to the Ottoman Empire and everywhere in between. You’ll find stories about World War I, The Civil War, and even a fantastic steampunk story – all wrapped up in Gaslight: A Golden Light Anthology.
Gaslight is an eclectic array of historical short stories that includes historical, historical romance, historical fantasy, and so much more!
I have to add that the authors contributing to this anthology are without a doubt some of the best writers of historical fiction out there. Yes, I may be biased, but I believe it’s true. I think you’ll agree, though, and once you read their stories in Gaslight I’d like to encourage you to check out their other books. You won’t be disappointed.

Limelight: A Golden Light Anthology features tales of new worlds and old worlds and worlds yet to be. These stories twist and turn with adventure, intrigue, and wonder. This anthology of short stories brings science fiction and fantasy out of the shadows and into the limelight.

Authors Edward W. Robertson, John Grover, James S. Dorr, Ela Lond, Sergio Palumbo, Larissa Hinton, Jessica B. Zeidler, Katy Huth Jones, Alexandra Baker, Catriel Ceballos, Domyelle Rhyse, and Bill Blume spin tales of old and new, of fantasy or alternate realities. These stories wrap around the future, the unknown, and the fantastic. You may be surprised at where they’ll lead…

Take my hand and step into the light with Limelight: A Golden Light Anthology.

Spotlight: A Golden Light Anthology features young adult stories of hope. Themes of rejection and forgiveness, of loss and triumph, of loneliness and friendships, of struggles and determination, of betrayal and overcoming, lace each story.

Authors Deborah Prum, Sarah Meira Rosenberg, T.K. Richardson, Alexandra Singer, Tucker Cummings, Lynda Lee Schab, Jason Hinz, Carmen Tudor, and Lisa Marie Lopez offer stories grounded in reality or sprinkled with fantasy, but feature main characters that face real issues – issues that are often hidden in the darkness.

Step out of the shadows and into the light with Spotlight: A Golden Light Anthology.


Nightlight: A Golden Light Anthology 
Do you remember those nights when you switched on your nightlight or flashlight and read books under the covers?

How about those memories of your mom, dad, or grandma reading your favorite story over and over again?

Yes, the sweet events of childhood that stay with us forever…

Nightlight: A Golden Light Anthology wishes to create these memories for the children of today. Filled with colorful images and stories that are both exciting and sweet, this anthology of children’s bedtime stories is sure to leave a lasting impression. 

Stories of fairies and wizards, of summer camp and family vacations, and stories of family and friends fill this children’s book. Imagine spending that extra few minutes reading to your child right before they drift off to sleep. Or letting them read Nightlight themselves while you listen to them.

The memories you share together will last a lifetime, encourage literacy, a love of reading, and most importantly you’ll set aside that special time at the end of the day – when work and play are done – to just be together.

That’s how I envision children reading Nightlight and that was the intention compiling this children’s anthology. The stories, and the authors contributing to this ebook, are hands down some of the very best.

I hope you’ll get a copy, switch on the nightlight, and read it with your child.

Lamplight: A Golden Light Anthology is filled with stories and poems of faith. From the very first selection by author Seth D. Clarke to the final poem titled Benediction by David Andrews, this Christian anthology reaches in and touches the heart, inspires faith, and is filled with hope.

  We live in a tumultuous world. The evening news is filled with more bad than good. War, hunger, and loss seem to be the headlines and sometimes (or daily) we need that little bit of something that is good, that sees the darkness around us and shines a heavenly light on life.

And that’s exactly what Lamplight does – it shines a light of faith and hope. The stories and poems in this anthology are real, are touching, are beautifully written, and fill that darkness with a ray of sunshine. They’re not fluffy or preachy, but rather these stories and poems are uplifting.

The scripture that really inspired this anthology – “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light for my path.”


We hope you’ll check them out!

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