UNLIKELY ANGELS by Michael O’Doran

January 11, 2010 3 flames 1

*I received this book free of charge in exchange for an honest review*
Paperback | 220 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-934449-49-3
Unlikely Angels invites you to explore the all too common struggles of life like dealing with your first crush and fitting in, as it follows the lives of two boys, Rob and Mitch, who, though opposite in many ways, are the best of friends. Their differences grow more evident as years pass and especially when the attractive Leslie shows up on the scene. Growing into adolescence, secret crushes, unspoken words and expectations of trust are left unresolved as they all eventually separate.
Chance brings them back together as adults and all those emotions come rushing back to the forefront of Rob and Mitch. A maelstrom of emotions may erupt at any time, then tragedy strikes.
You will be pulled into this story as each character reveals a common thread of our own struggles to live with; love, trust, anger, resentment, loss and forgiveness. 
Michael O’Doran is originally from St. Louis, Missouri. He excelled in high school and later attended Meramec Community College for Commercial Art and Advertising. O’Doran enjoyed a successful career utilizing his creative talents and as a business owner. His creativity and his insight for human dynamics might evident from his business experience and parenthood but losing his parents to lung cancer several years ago gave him the introspective leanings in Unlikely Angels. He feels they watch over him every day.
He now lives in Florida with his wife, Kathleen, and his two sons. Unlikely Angels is the first of many novels we can expect from Michael O’Doran.
Don’t you just love this cover? It is so sweet with that innocent baby and the wings of the gaurdians on it!
With realistic situations and well written dialogue, this book is a sweet read that will touch your heart. The characters are great and they will keep your interest throughout the book. You will go through many emotions when reading this book including love, hate, frustration and sadness.  The only thing I didn’t like was the way the POV was written.  I would have liked it to have been one character throughout the book.  Also there was alot of detail and not enough dialogue.  Otherwise, it was a great quick read.

  A Good Book and Read! Perfect For Rainy Days

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